Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're having a baby!

I've been away from blogging for too long now but I have good reasons for it. Two good reasons actually. The most exciting news.... we met a birthmom who has chosen us to be the parents of her baby.

We're having a baby boy in 2 months!

We are over-the-moon about having a new little love in the house! Our new birthmom, Jordan, is such a gem! We are so lucky she was the one who choose us. She seems so thoughtful and focused on what is best for her baby. I think she is just perfect! We're hoping, as she gets to know our crazy little family, she will appreciate all our quirks and chaos too. :) So now, we are scrambling to prepare and make sure everything is in order so we can spend as much time as we can with our new child. I'm so happy I'm a stay-at-home mom but I want to make this transition as easy as we can for everyone. Please wish us the best!Our other news is that we just spent 10 days on vacation in Minnesota with my family on the farm. The kids had such a great time playing on the farm. Don't you just love that beautiful sunset picture above? We all really enjoyed it our time there. There's something so unique about going "home" again. So much nostalgia and great memories. It's nice that our kids are making memories there now too.

Here is my Dad (driving the old tractor), my nephew Nick, and my husband Brentt (in orange) baling alfalfa.
Sam posing on a small bale.Uncle John giving Maddie a ride on the 4 wheeler.One of my favorite pics from the farm is this picture of Maddie posing in the wheat field. I love it!Our sleepy Sam found a nice place to rest.My other nephew Joseph.Nick with my sister, Bobbie.Hiking in Camden State Park.Another beautiful Minnesota sunset.
Another highlight of our trip was visiting Walnut Grove, MN. You know... the 70's show "Little House on the Prairie." I grew up 40 minutes from here and never visited the museum and watched the play they have. Its cute, quaint and surprisingly educational on pioneer life. Here's a little red schoolhouse building of the museum.My sister is so good at imaginary play with the kids. I love this... they're playing school!At the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum they have the mantel from the show set. Here's a picture from the play. It was well done and interesting.And you thought Maddie was only sweet? Oh no! There is another side. Here's some proof.Thanks for checking in and tolerating our vacation pics! Our birthmom is coming for dinner tonight so off to the store to figure out what I'm cooking. Have a great weekend!

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Shalamar said...

Oh my gosh, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you and your family!!!!

God bless!!