Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's new?

What's new? Oh, such a loaded question! Are you sure you are really wondering? If so, read on. You'll get a looooonnnnngggg answer. We have been busy!For starters, Spring is definitely here. The kids and I have planted a garden and they check their seeds and plants everyday. It has been in the 80's all week so it should really take off.
Maddie is playing softball and is having fun. I think 3 games a week plus practice is way too much of a commitment for 6 year olds. I certainly did NOT know what we were getting into. Lesson learned... It should wind down after we are done playing the rain make-up games.On the homefront, we have been working on my scrapbook room. (A little spring cleaning gone crazy!!!) The trim should be finished this weekend and then I'll just be putting it back together. What a project! It all started by me wanting to change the wall color. Now we have lots of new electrical, cabinets, desk, curtains, etc... It helps that my hubby is handy but I cannot believe I have made it 2 months with no "creative space." I am truly suffering! ;) Here are a couple sneak peaks:So, since we have been so busy we decided we needed a little day trip to be together as a family. We drove out to the desert to see the wild flowers in bloom. I think we were a little early in the season but this is what we found:This was also Max's first trip in the back pack. He loved being able to see everything from a new height.
Thanks for checking in!

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