Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where have I been???

Ever since Summer break has begun we have been BUSY! I don't know what I was thinking making that silly "Boredom Buster" jar. We haven't used it once. We really haven't been home much. We have been having so much fun so far. So where have we been?

1. Camping. A few weeks ago we went camping in Idyllwild, about 5500ft.

We had a fun time hiking, complete with walkie-talkies that may have been the best $20 toy I ever bought. Brentt and I had a great time with them!We had great weather, everyone was moving along fine on this easy trail despite the fact that the only shoes we packed Maddie were flip-flops. Max even got a nap until....Maddie fell in the creek. Darn shoes. It was actually snow run-off so it was really cold. Max was jolted awake as Brentt fished Madeleine out of the water. Now we had a cold, wet girl hiking in flip-flops and a baby who needed his nap. Ugh. End of hiking. Back to the campsite to snuggle around a warm fire. Nothing that a warm marshmellow (and a well-deserved beer for me) can't fix. By the time we got home from 4 days camping, these 3 were happy to get a bath at home.
2. We also went to the annual Adoption Center picnic where we saw Sam's birth grandma and uncle. So much fun to see so many great families and just spend the day hanging out and having fun.
They had face painting too. Doesn't Maddie look great?!?
3. The Zoo. Why we need to visit the zoo when I have my own at home baffles me! 4. I have gone miles chasing a crawling Maxwell. He is crawling and so very curious! It won't be long before he actually goes out this doggie-door.
5. The 4th of July was great fun this year.

We had our annual neighborhood bike parade and then some friends here for a BBQ. I just love the boys' matching shirts!
Sam even got a patriotic haircut. That's what you get when your Dad is an Ex-Marine.
Hmmm... Max wonders what will be next this Summer? Max is usually up for anything!
How about some cows and tractors?
I hope you are having a great summer too!

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Karen R said...

yowsers! Sam looks like a Marine in that picture! shaved head, shirtless, camis. Glad you haven't needed the boredom buster jar. (knocking on wood for you right now).

I'm bummed I missed wine night again. Although I don't know anyone else, but I could've used it!!! See you soon...