Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Fun

There were times when every afternoon, I had silence while little ones napped. I scrapbooked, crafted, read a book in the hammock, and cleaned the house. That does not happen anymore. Max still naps but my afternoons are FAR from quiet! Now, we are busy with swim lessons, basketball, trips to the zoo, camping, the beach, the fair and everything else to do in "America's Finest City." I confess that much of the go-go atmosphere is caused by me trying to experience life through the children's eyes. But I do not regret the memories we are making so far this Summer.

Here are some photos from the San Diego County Fair. Some of us were having a great time (Sam).Some others were not (Brentt).I love the fair for the variety it has. The kids loved feeding the animals.and they even got to ride an elephant! Such a unique experience for them!
They did a "tractor" raceWhile "Little Boy Blue" played in the corn.But our favorite part of the fair is always the "Turkey Stampede." A race where the turkeys chase a remote control truck filled with treats. Sounds weird but it is HILARIUOS!Because of all this fun, my own hobbies get tossed to the way side. Sigh... But I have been working on some fun stuff. I'll share soon.

Thanks for checking in on our crazy, busy, happy, sometimes bizarre life!

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