Saturday, August 13, 2011

Believe in miracles everyday!

I'm stunned by miracles.

Miracles happen everyday to everyday people.

I have had 3 amazing, significant miracles that I thank God for everyday: Madeleine, Samuel, and Maxwell.

Each of our children are a blessing to be celebrated. Recently I heard a designer say "the decor of your house should tell the story of those who live there." As soon as I heard that, the wheels in my head started turning and I knew I needed to fill this empty space on my wall with something significant. So..... (drum roll please)..... Ta Da!I couldn't be happier with my creation. A little art to honor the infancy of our little miracles. Each of their photos was taken in the first 2 weeks of their life.I taught a class at a local scrapbook store (before Max was born) and these canvases were the project. If you want to make one, here are the instructions and supply list. Keep in mind, this paper was very popular 2 years ago. You may need to modify supplies as I did when I made mine but the techniques and format are the same.

My canvases are framed in 9' by 12" frames, hung with tooth hooks, then the ribbon and vintage door knobs were added as decoration (not support). The door knobs are actually from Anthropology and the phrase on the wall is a rubon made by DCWV, sold at JoAnn's and Michaels.
I always planned to make some for my own kids but after Max was born, things got a little too busy. This Summer, I finally had the time, and the inspiration to make them. I'm just tickled by the way it has all turned out. I hope you enjoy them and make one for yourself too.

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