Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Oh dear neglected blog and its readers, if there are any... I'm sorry that I took advantage of the fact that you'd be here when I got to it... sometime during the holiday season.

I didn't think I'd forget about it this long but we've been busy. (Excuse #1) Busy making the memories, the food, and the crafts that I normally blog about. Like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas baking, etc...Want to see? I wish I could show you. A tragic thing happened to my external hard drive and I LOST about 25,000 photos. No kidding! I have a great friend working on the recovery but, not a guarantee (Excuse #2).
I can show you the last couple of weeks though...

The tree is up with many of our decorations. Max loves to pose with his "cheese" smile every time he sees the camera. Here is Sam's preferred pose:And this is the one he gives me when I plea:Oh... and Max has discovered something sweet that he LOVES!
Our kids have been crazy busy with school, dentist appts, girl scouts, church, and now basketball and gymnastics start in January. Whew! (Excuse #3). I'm also teaching an art class in Sam's class and that takes up a lot of time, but so rewarding! (Excuse #4) You'd think I'd have time to pack to go to Minnesota for Christmas but... that may have to wait until the night before if I keep blogging. (Excuse #5).

Speaking of Minnesota... our Elf on the Shelf, Snowy, is back and Madeleine wrote him a note to ask him if he'll come with us.
(Psst...he said Yes.)

Hoping to get on again before soon, but with all these "great" excuses, there are no guarantees!

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