Friday, June 13, 2008

Well, it seems that my creativity is still on vacation.

Well, it seems that my creativity is still on vacation. I am in a major rut right now. When I go to my scrap room, everything I make seems to be missing something. I'm just not really inspired right now. I hate this phase. Its a mandatory phase for everyone but this time its been hard because I had design team assignments due at the store. Unfotunately, the assignments were done only half-heartedly. I'll be going to a crop tomorrow night and hopefully my creativity comes with me.

One new source of inspiration has been my mother in law. Its not really a scrapbooking inspiration but more of a life-lessons type of inspiration. Beth was just here to watch the kids while Brentt and I went on vacation. When I went to the airport, I hardly recognized her (it was just 9 months ago when I saw her). Her hair was longer, she'd lost some weight, her braces were off and she had this... glow. That's when I was sure, she is in love. Not to go into too many details but a few years ago, she was in a dark place in her life. She took a risk, ventured out on her own, and rebuilt her life. She found her independence, her strength, and herself. Then, she found Bill. Her new love is such a good man and there's no doubt he is head-over-heals in love with her. They're getting married next May and we're so happy for both of them. They are an inspiration and she has taught me that only YOU are in charge of your own destiny and that happiness is always a choice. Here's a layout I just did with them. The paper was not really my choice but I made do with what I had to work with. Don't they look so very happy?

And here's the other layout I did for the store. This layout required you to have 6 photos on a 12 by 12 layout using 80% store product. Since I had a ton of princess pictures from Disneyland it seemed like a good challenge. But like I said, it seems to be missing something...

And yes, I know the dots were crooked when I took the pics. Oops! Here's the photo-fall I created to keep all the pictures as 4 x 6. There was just too much detail in the shots to make them smaller. And, as usual, my journaling is hidden underneath.
This weekend is a busy one.... a graduation, Adoption Center Picnic, cropping, Father's Day, and Madeleine's first dance recital. Have a great one!

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