Friday, April 17, 2009

That which does not kill me only makes me stronger.

I've been such a bad blog poster.... so many things coming our way these days. Many I can't share to the general public... yet.... Which is totally not my style! If you know me, you know that I don't have much to hide in my boring, happy, normal life. But things have not been boring....

Something else that is totally not my style is this latest creation I made for my bike-crazy husband. He's been training for a race called the "24-hours of Adrenalin." This is a race where he will ride his mountain bike for 24 hours STRAIGHT! He is insane! And he has been training like a mad man. I made him this 11" by 14" canvas to celebrate his achievement/cheer him on. Here it is....Yeah! Crazy, huh? No flowers. No pearls. No lace. Nothing sparkly. And yes, that's a real bike crank set and chain attached on the canvas. Had to get the old drill driver out for this one! Not a typical scrapbook tool in my room. I made some good use of my new Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint. I also painted the back ground with ... hold onto your seats... Glimmer Mist from Tattered angels. Yep! The brown is the "Cocoa" color and the green blotches are "Olive Vine." The words are a combo of magazine cutouts and letter stickers. Although its not my style, I really had fun making it. Its fun to branch out and try something completely different. Also, I'll leave you with a few pictures from Easter.

Decorating eggs was a hit with both kids. I couldn't believe how patient they both were!
The egg hunt we went to was great fun even though it was really cold and windy.
How funny is this?!? Sam would only pick up the blue Easter eggs. Guess what color is his favorite now!Thanks for checking in. Have a great weekend! Cheers!

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Shalamar said...

Very awesome canvas!!! I've never seen anything like it!! Amazing!!

I can't wait hear your "news" you've gotten my curiosity peaked!!