Saturday, May 2, 2009

How I spent National Scrapbook Day

Yep, there's a special holiday for us special people. I don't really need a holiday to celebrate but all the deals and fun the stores have sure is great. I went to Papertales last night and the party was hopping! The store was packed and everyone was having a great time. The ambiance is so jovial and light in there all the time. They were also celebrating their one year anniversary so they had a special gift for all the customers. Isn't she lovely?!?
They have some hard-to-find stuff and I was ECSTATIC to find they had the new, oh-so-hard-to-get October Afternoon lines. I couldn't decide between the Cherry Hill line or the Ducks in a Row line. Isn't it all lovely?!? This stuff was just flying off the shelves since I think Papertales is one of the first stores anywhere to get it. My favorite is on this sticker sheet from their baby line. There's a little saying that says, "We've been waiting for you!" So appropriate for adoption and its gender neutral... sort of... I love it!
There were so many celebrations at all the local scrapbook stores today too but I choose to go to Springfest with the kids instead. They were exhausted so I registered for a free online class from Lisa Pace. I've heard a lot about her and I love her vintage style so I was happy I could do a free class and try it out. This is what I made during the kids' naptime.
I couldn't believe how quickly it came together. Its one of the most meaningful and symbolic things I created. I still want to put a ribbon and some flowers along the bottom of the frame but I'm out of the brown satin ribbon I want to use. Here's the story of my creative journey:

These are the "keys" to our family's happiness. The first is love...

and faith (a small poem about having faith and leaning on God when times are rough)
The top 10 characteristics I want our family to strive for. My sister found this button in an old house on my parent's farm. To me, it symbolizes my past. The twine symbolizes the farm I grew up on and how much I love it.These flowers symbolize our family. The 2 larger flowers are the parents, and the 3 little flowers are the children. Of course, one of those flowers is yet to "bloom" so for now, it symbolizes our hope and optimism.
I hope you enjoyed hearing about my creative journey. I LOVED Lisa Pace's workshop today and would recommend it to everyone. I'll definitely take another of her classes.



wendymadeit said...

Christy - I had to check out ur project from Lisa's class - Love it!! I love the colours & I love how special, personal & full of meaning your project is... lovely!!

JeanFB said...

Found your blog from Lisa's Sampler tutorial... yours came out beautifully!! TFS!