Friday, June 19, 2009

Holy LONG post!

Life is so busy these days! Baby fever is running rampant in our house! The crib is set up, I've been researching products, meals are pre-made and frozen, I've cleaned out closets, and the full-on nesting urges are happening. news on the adoption yet. We've just finished our home study, our "Dear Birthmother" letter is done, and now... we just wait. And wonder. And wait, and wait, and wait for a Birthmother to choose us. When we adopted Maddie we waited 9 months from when we submitted the paperwork to the day we brought her home from the hospital. With Sam, we waited 5 months. In hindsight, we didn't wait that long but the phase we're in right now seems to last FOREVER. I'm an obsessive planner. I want to know when my life is going to change. Ugh... relinquishing control to God is not one of my fortes. But I will. Who am I kidding? I am not in control! If I were, I doubt that this beautiful family would be mine!
We're also busy with other stuff. School is out and the summer chaos of swim lessons, breaking up fights, and fun with friends is in full swing. Our vacation to PA seems like so long ago. I want to share some more pictures of our trip.We went to Strasburg Railroad and had a great time riding the train through the Amish farmland. The train is from 1880-something and is restored and running. There are no screens on the windows of this old train. Sam was mesmerized and luckily, didn't fall out. This is significant if you know my son.
These are some of the views from the train.Amish boys plowing a field.Here's a short video of the train ride.

Speaking of trains... we went to an amusement park called Dutch Wonderland and Thomas the train was there.One more picture...(are you tired of them yet?!?) The best thing about Lancaster County is the Farmer's/Flea Markets. These are my favorite.... WHOOPIE PIES! Look...chocolate, red velvet, peanut butter, oatmeal and my very favorite... pumpkin! Yum!
If you are one of my Scrapbooking / Artsy blog visitors... I can't wait to show you my flea market finds from PA. Old atlases, vintage jewelery, old books, hand-embroidered hankerchiefs, buttons, and more. Come back again soon! Thanks for checking in!

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