Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Those crabby days are long gone

Those crabby days are long gone. Lately our days have been filled with getting ready to start school, squeezing in the last of the summer fun, and of course, getting ready for the arrival of our new baby boy.

Here's his first baby picture:Ok... perhaps not the cute, first baby picture you were expecting but its the one we've been staring at and dreaming over. Isn't it sweet how he is holding onto his foot with his hand? Can you see it? You can also see a little bit of his face but he's hiding under the umbilical cord. His birthmom is doing great and little Max (that will be his first name, so far) is as healthy as can be. We went to the doctor with his birthmom yesterday and it looks like we have about a month left. I just get butterflies knowing that it is not far away. I can't wait to meet him! And here's his birthmom, Jordan. Doesn't she look amazing for being 35 weeks pregnant?!? Last weekend we went out to Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs) and stayed at a resort. Its just nice to have little getaways when we can do it on the cheap. But its cheap because it is so darn HOT! It was 100-110 degrees most of the day and only cooled down to the mid-90's at night. Ugh! But it didn't matter too much because we spent most of our time at the pool.Sam loves to fly! I think I captured his pure joy. This kid is FEARLESS!
This week I'm trying to take the kids on the last of our summer adventures in town. Now that all the tourists have left San Diego, the beaches are much more pleasant. And so is the zoo! How on earth is it September already? Do you like Maddie's new hair cut and style? Fresh and ready for Kindergarten! Anyway, I'm going to go seize the day with the kids! Thanks for checking in. I'll have a lot of baby crafts and scrappy goodness in my next post. :)

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