Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chubby is cute....?

Only once in your life is it cute to be chubby. This is it:
Max is really filling out and is about 12 pounds already. He's developed a second chin and adorable thunder thighs. I have chunky thighs too but somehow, they are not so charming. ;)He's losing a lot of his hair and he's balding on top. With the hairline and the occasional scowl, he looks just like a little old man.
Here's a quick glimpse of the smiles that are starting. It's not the infant gassy smiles anymore. They are deliberate, but quick. They are a little hard to photograph but here's a first.Grandma and Grandpa Bill were visiting last week and had a great time with all their grandkids. And lastly, I try not to overlook these everyday, simple moments. I love to see my boys snuggled up for a nap. These are the moments I want to engrave in my memory. Thanks for visiting! Have a safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Judy said...

What a great family! Max is getting so big already! Time flies with the little ones around :)
May you be filled with love and peace!!!!