Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Speed Post

Holy cow--November already?!?!? SERIOUSLY? How did that happen!?!

Panic. Stress. I don't have much time to write but I wanted to make sure I posted a few pictures from Halloween.

Doesn't Max look adorable in his pumpkin costume? He has been growing so quickly, he almost didn't fit in it!
I made the family pose for this picture right before we went out to trick-or-treat. That was the best bribe to get Maddie and Sam to cooperate!Here are the kids' pumpkins. We carved them as "self portaits." Of course, Maddie's pumpkin is all glammed-out, Sam's has a scary face, and you can't miss Max's pumpkin. This was so fun! I hope your Halloween was fun too!

P.S. ONLY 50 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Boy, do I have a lot to do!

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cydders said...

you look so beautiful! i miss you. we will be home around the 11th or 12th of dec. hopefully. can't wait to see you.