Monday, May 3, 2010

An easy teacher gift idea

This week is "Teacher Appreciation Week" and in my opinion, this is a group of people who cannot be thanked enough. Outside our home, these people are our kids' main influences. We are especially lucky to have some terrific teachers too so this week we are doing something nice for them each day. Here is one idea that your kids can do on their own (mostly).

1. First, buy some gourmet chocolate bars. The ones in the boxes are easiest to wrap.
2. If you do any paper crafts, you likely have loads of scraps laying around. Let your kiddo choose their favorite papers. Wrapping paper could work too. The size paper you need for these Lindt chocolates was 7 1/2" by 8 1/4". Double check your bar's size before you trim.
3. Adhere the paper down with a dry adhesive applied to the long edges only. We put the seam on the back and left the ends open so we could read the flavor of chocolate.
4. Adhere a ribbon around it. Again, dry adhesives like a Xyron or glue dots work best. We joined the ribbon on the front because the tag will cover it.
5. Using punches, we made a tag. Let your child write what they want and glue it on. Done! We made 4 of these in about 15 minutes, about $2.50 each. Cheap, easy, but made with love and appreciation for all they do for us. Our teachers will be getting more appreciation gifts this week but this is a good one for the kids to make on their own.

Go thank your teachers!

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Karen R said...

that is totally cool! teachers don't need gizmos and crap, but with the beautiful presentation, this will obviously be appreciated!