Saturday, May 1, 2010

A little confession

Some people tell me that I take great pictures. I kindly say thank you, and laugh to myself. You see, there's some things you should know. A little confession of sorts.
  • Firstly, I take about 400-500 pictures a month but only about 100 are "worthy" photos. (Don't you just love digital photography?)
  • Secondly, I stage many photos. For example, I know that the lighting in my living room is great in the late afternoon. Sometimes I will make sure the kids are well-rested and cleaned-up then take pictures. I also know which colors we all look best in. If possible, I try to coordinate the colors with each other too.
  • Third, I am always messing with the settings on the camera. I am a llooooonnnngggg way from being a pro so I try different settings, evaluate, and either adjust or keep it. Trial and error. A lot of errors sometimes.
  • Lastly, I don't usually post my bad photos on my blog so you *think* I take all great pictures. Until now...Let me show you what I am talking about.
On Easter we had some dear friends here. Every year we take the kids' pictures together but now with 6 kids, it's getting more complicated. As you can see, there are no great pictures here but this sequence tells a story in itself.
It is quite comical! And exhausting! So, rather than stressing about getting 6 kids (all under 7 years old) to look and smile all at the same time, I take it for what it is: LIFE! You can't control it, but you can capture it--even if its not what you thought it should look like.

I hope you see the humor in this too and just keep taking photos! Cheers!

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