Monday, June 7, 2010

Always an adventure...

Last weekend we went camping to the local mountains (Julian) with our new (used) pop-up tent trailer. Let me just preface this post with this: NOBODY LOOKS GOOD WHEN THEY ARE CAMPING! But really, who has time to bathe and primp when you are having this much fun??? :)Sunday morning we heard a bunch of turkey noises so we went on a "Wild Turkey Hunt" and found 3!!! So fun! They were big, but quick. They are also good at hiding. See the one in the picture below (upper right)?Here she is under a bush, bottom up in the air, before she saw me.And the Lupine is in bloom (isn't that what this is???) So pretty!
Max is always a happy camper! Even if we are forcing him to sit in a swing that he obviously is too big for.
Here's the picture of the inside of the camper. Sleeps 7 and it is a lot bigger and more comfortable than I thought it would be.
Camping, in general, is a lot of work. The kids were all well behaved but its certainly easier said, than done to have a camping adventure. Same as life, I suppose. If you want an adventure, you have to go find it.


Karen R said...

Christy, I am loving reading your blog. You are an entertaining writer. and btw, WHAT are you talking about "nobody looks good..." you all look GREAT! and the nature is beautiful too. We are off on our camping adventure this coming wknd.

Christy's Closet said...

Karen, you are too flattering! But feel free to tell me more whenever you like. :) Have a great time camping. Where are you going?