Friday, June 4, 2010

Tooth Fairy Pillow

I have all these new, fabulous pictures that I am dying to scrapbook. I've actually had a little free time too. But I've lost my focus on scrapping and have been crafting lately. Madeleine lost her first tooth a couple weeks ago so...Who could resist making this?She's a Ballerina Tooth Fairy--so cute! The mouth is actually a pocket where you put the tooth so it doesn't get lost. She also has a ribbon so she can hang from the bedpost--genius, eh?

I'll confess--not my original idea. :) Great, detailed instructions were on MMMCrafts' blog. Pretty easy and so worth the effort. Maybe it'll become a keepsake from her childhood? Wishful thinking, anyhow. Now I'm working on a Pirate tooth pillow for Sam since he has a couple wiggly teeth too. It'll be a while before he looses any teeth but its easier to make a second one while the supplies are out.

Thanks for checking in. Have a great weekend!

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