Saturday, October 23, 2010


October is such an exhausting, joyful month for us. We celebrated Max's birthday at Oma's Pumpkin Patch and then went 2 more times for school field trips. Needless to say, we are pumpkin-patched out but we really love that place.
We've gotten to see so many people in Max's birthfamily and got so many amazing photos.
If you read our blog, you know our motto on adoption and life: "Never too many people to love our kids."

I just love this photo below!
Max was really excited to open presents! It took us forever because every time we unwrapped it, he wanted to play with it right away.
Sam's favorite thing about the patch is the sand pit. Really. He played in it until the sun went down. Madeleine was in constant motion playing with friends that I didn't even get her photo at the patch.
Max wasn't really into eating the cake at his party. He loved that his highchair was in the wagon (a little improvisation on forgetting the chair for the booster).
The hayride at the pumpkin patch is always fun.
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