Monday, November 1, 2010


Normally, we are REALLY into Halloween but this year, not so much. Kids were sick a lot in October and we have been so busy. Nonetheless, we had fun and the kids loved their costumes.

Well... Max only loved his costume for a couple minutes then he made every effort to just get it off. You should have heard the yells of frustration! I couldn't bear it so after a few photos, we just took the costume off.

Sam loved being a pirate. The funny thing is, he dresses like a pirate about once a week throughout the year anyway. He thought getting candy just for being his usual Pirate-self was just fabulous. Now to deal with all the sugar...
Trick or treating in our neighborhood is fun but I think Maddie and Max would rather have been playing with the firetruck ride-on. (Still one of the all-time favorite toys in the house!) They both groaned a little when I told them it was time to stop playing and get costumes on. Weird.
She just adores him!Now, onto "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" The kids are at such fun ages and my parents and brother will be here this year, it will be an amazingly wonderful season! Can't wait!
Have a great day!

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