Thursday, January 13, 2011

holiday reflections

So the chaos of the holidays is behind us. The clean up and my annual "Spring" cleaning has begun. Now that everyone is healthy (we learned that Max has asthma-yuck!), I am finding more time to reflect on the blur that was December. Here are some favorite moments I'd like to share.

Max and Sam singing at a church they go to have Parent's Monring Out. Max was the littlest one and quickly decided he was going to crawl away after they sang his favorite song: Jingle Bells.
Hanging up the stockings on Christmas Eve. He could ALMOST reach.
Carefully choosing cookies for Santa.
And of course, one for herself!
Max was happy as can be with the new trike Santa brought him. He is really enjoying it still!My mom, dad, and brother were here for Christmas. Uncle John spent HOURS with Sam teaching him how to assemble Legos (his newest obsession.)So many more great memories than photos.

Enjoy your day!

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