Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 ... in a long post

On the last day of the year, I can't help but be nostalgic on what 2010 was all about...for me. There were so many significant moments and everyday moments that may be overlooked if life were just a rush. So, in a spirit of reflection, this is a snippet of what 2010 meant to me.

January started with a trip to MN. A cold dose of real winter sure does waken the soul.
We also gathered with Max's birth family for his baptism. Seems like just yesterday...February was the beginning of Madeleine's first season (and hopefully last!) of playing softball. She enjoyed her team and coaches but doing softball 4 -5 days a week was just too much for all of us. And by February, our little sweetheart's personality was really blossoming.In March Sam started really getting into BMX bike racing and won his first trophy.We also went to the zoo and the park a lot in March, simply enjoying the good weather and precious moments like below. April we celebrated Easter and experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the middle of Easter dinner. No damage, but some good entertainment!
I also settled into my newly remodeled scrapbook room/ guest bedroom. I really love it and wish I could spend more time in it.In May Brentt and I revelled in our kid-free vacation to Boca Raton, Florida. It was especially good knowing that the kids were spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Bill getting to know them and going on adventures that only grandparents can provide.
In June, we learned to camp with a baby, a 4 year old, and a 6 year old. I, officially, feel like SUPER MOM now! This month also brought the end of the school year and the beginning of swim lessons. July brought our annual 4th of July celebration and this year we got to celebrate with our friends who are now living in Spain.There's no place like home and with family so we took a 2 week-long trip to MN and IA also.
In August we said goodbye to some of our dearest friends.We also took a camping trip to Sequoia National Park with some other dear friends.Our last days of Summer vacation were also filled with trips to the zoo, the YMCA water park, the Science Center, and one of our favorite spots (below): Balboa Park. In September Sam started Pre-K and Maddie started 1st Grade.September also meant football games, hiking Mount Whitney (Brentt) and Max simply kept charming the rest of us with his irresistible laugh and smiles.October brought Halloween and a few more home improvement projects.Also, Max turned One in October. His birthday was a special event for all of us. November we were cherishing our newer Thanksgiving traditions and our friendships with our friends. Priceless.
New discoveries like snow for Max.December was the busiest month of all full of parties, family gatherings, school performances, visits with Santa and church choir. My mom, dad, and brother came to visit and I could just kick myself for not taking more photos of my parents' visit. Ugh...
It is crazy how we fit this all into one year! There was so much more that I didn't have room to mention too. What a great life! Looking forward to what 2011 brings for us and all of you too. Remember to count your blessings! Happy New Year!

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