Friday, February 25, 2011

Catching up

Now that we are (mostly) all healthy, I am starting to catch up on life. All the snotty and vomit covered laundry is done, I've Lysol-ed nearly every space the kids have touched, homework is caught up and we even have food in the fridge! Life is good! I'm even having a bit of time to scrapbook! (but I'm sacrificing my sleep to do it.)

We've had some nice moments in the last few weeks too. Here are a few pics I wanted to share.
Sam wrote me a love note all on his own. His first one too! I love it! Expect a scrapbook layout on this soon. ;)
Here are the kids when we went down to the bay for a picnic one night a couple weeks ago.
The morning after that, Max had a good soaking in the kitchen sink. We rarely bathe him there but he had so much fun, I couldn't resist the naked baby photos!

Then, just this morning he fell asleep in his car-seat. I think it is so cute how he sucks on his little lovey when he falls asleep. So angelic...
Thanks for checking in!
Getting crafty this weekend... ;)

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