Saturday, October 25, 2008

My confession

Hello.... my name is Christy and I have a confession. I am.... a scraplifter. Yes, I do it occasionally. I take someone else's design and I make it my own. And I'm not ashamed of it. Wink! That's my *big* confession. ( You thought I was going to tell you something juicier, didn't you?) I think scraplifting is quite acceptable long as you give credit where credit is due. Right? Isn't that why scrap magazines and blogs exist? I think its a fun way to get ideas and no matter what I do, my stuff never ends up looking exactly like the inspiration piece.

So, I was checking out some of my favorite blogs and found this idea on the amazingly talented Danielle Flanders' blog. This is her version:I scraplifted it and here's my version. I am *loving* Pink Paislee stuff!
Similar yet it never turns out the same.
Grandma's are so special and have such a unique relationship with their grandchildren. I only wish we all lived closer.

Also, I am such a fan of Danielle Flanders that when I saw this adorable door sign and I had similar supplies, I had to make it too. She even gives you a bit of a tutorial on how to make it. Of course her version is pink, girly and wonderful! Here's my version I made for Sam's door using the Pink Paislee Vintage Moon Topsiders.

Thanks for the inspiration Ms. Flanders!

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Shalamar said...

I had seen that room tag and loved it on Danielle's website!! You did a great job of making it your own! wink, wink!! I wanna make one too!