Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pennsylvania in the Fall

The kids and I just returned from a lovely trip to Pennsylvania (Lancaster area) to see the in-laws. We did so many fun fall activities but the highlight of the trip was meeting my new 7-week old niece, Abigail Louise. Isn't she adorable?

Here's a quick picture of our other niece, Annabelle. She's quick and busy so not too many pictures of this sweetie. No trip to Lancaster county is complete without visiting the Sturgis Pretzel House. This was Sam's first time learning to twist the dough. Talented? Nope, he didn't twist this pretzel though. This is a photo of him right before he crumpled it into a ball. And then threw it across the room. That's Sam.
Both Sam and Maddie were fascinated by all the Trains in Strasburg. We went with Brentt's Dad and even though he was annoyed most of the time, the kids and I had a nice time. I've never heard a boy yell "Choooo..... Choooo...." as loud and as often as Sam did. It was fun to see him so excited! And then, we rode the train. I thought Sam was going to have a baby-aneurism or something. He was out-of-his-mind excited!

Then, we went to pick some pumpkins for Grandma. How darn cute is Sam?!?
(Perhaps I'm a bit biased but I think he is so friggin adorable here!)Madeleine's goal was to find Grandma the "biggest pumpkin EVER."
And I'll just end by saying it was a busy, fun-filled trip. Even the kids were tired at the end. Perhaps, I am a super-Mom after all. (wink!)

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