Friday, September 19, 2008

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Ok... yes, I understand that it is still September but I ADORE the Christmas season! Only 97 more days until Christmas so, I thought I should get a headstart. (It sounds like a good excuse anyway.) I've created a design for this year's Christmas cards featuring vintage postcards. I'm so excited I just have to show you right now:

Many of the postcards I'm using are almost a hundred years old so, in hopes that people don't just toss it, I added on 2 eyelets and a ribbon for people to hang up. Maybe they'll keep it, maybe they won't. But I will be so pleased to send these out when I have them all finished. Which just may take me all the way until Christmas! ;)

Speaking of vintage inspiration... I have been on the hunt for vintage paper supplies and take a look what I've found! Some of this stuff I've found in scrapbook stores but the vintage sheet music, the French dictionary pages, and the French hymnal were all found on ebay. Here's a closer look at this French hymanl from about the 1880's. What a find on ebay for $8! I'm a little scared to tear it all apart. But with the right inspiration... let it rip! The kids and I are heading to Pennsylvania next week so you'll bet I'll be on the look out for more vintage finds. Looking forward to seeing some family and friends next week!

Have a great weekend!

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cydders said...

hey !!!
love the post of christmas!

i miss you sooo! sorry about not getting to you sooner. our internet is unpredictable ( on base) but wee found a house and will have a phone and internet in about 2 weeks.
love and miss you! tell the kids the boys say hi! they miss them.