Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vintage finds

One of the things I don't like about living in sunny San Diego is good vintage and antique stuff is hard to find or is WAY over-priced. I think its because the West is so much younger than the East coast and in my opinion, the demand for vintage stuff is rising. So, when we went back to visit Brentt's family in Pennsylvania, I rummaged through the flea markets. I was thrilled with how cheap everything was! Each piece of jewelery above and the embroidered hankerchief was $1. If you live near a good flea market, count your blessings! I found all this stuff at Green Dragon and Roots in Lancaster County, PA.
The old muffin tin was my Mother-in-laws. Its filled with old metal, shell, and some clay buttons. All for $3!!! That little frame (that's screaming to be guilded in gold) was a 50cent find. Below, next to the watch, are a set of clip on earrings. They are cross-stitched. Haven't seen anything like that before.
I thought this ring was an interesting piece.It's actually a locket.I paid 25 cents for each yard of vintage seam binding and rick-rack. Amazing! I'm already dreaming up projects to use this old 1902 Atlas and the vintage music book. Don't hate me when I tell you the prices....$2 each. The old kids books below were 50 cents. This, by far, was my most useful and favorite find. This beaded handbag is probably from the early 1960's and is in great shape. $8. Unbelievable!!! I used it at my MIL's wedding already.
So now that I have an idea what this great stuff costs in other parts of the country, I'm going to be much pickier when I shop around here. Are prices like this around you? I'm hoping there's deals near here that I just don't know about?

Thanks for checking in!

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Bonnie Manning said...

Nice finds! I was excited to hear about a good shopping spot in PA - I moved to Kingston, Ontario, in November and plan to do a flea market road trip - hopefully in the fall - in New York and Pennsylvania. Do you have any other suggestions?

I agree with you about the price and availability East vs. West thing. I moved from Edmonton, Alberta (Western Canada) which is very young and has pretty slim pickings. Out here in the East things are far more abundant and the estate sales rock. I can't believe some of the things i have found at thrift shops for almost nothing.

Beautiful work , by the way, and happy scrapping!