Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh baby!

Busy waiting for our little guy to be born. We probably have about a week left so...What else would I do but make stuff for him, right? Actually, some stuff is made about him too. Like this below: the baby favors. These are little gifts we will be giving all of his visitors. It's just a simple bag filled with white and blue M&Ms. The tag says, "Welcome to the World Maxwell!" I just loved re-purposing this large glass vase too. I think I'll bring it to the hospital to share with our birthmom's family and friends too.
I also made him this super-soft blanket. It's a little shabby-chic, baby style. It is huge too! I'm hoping that it will be "the" blanket that he loves like Sam loves the one I made for him. Here are some irresistible onesies. I like a lot of the trendy ones but they are so expensive. I found some iron-ons and a little stitching and voila: cute onesies. Do you think the one in the middle is a little over-the-top? Maybe a little cocky? hmmm... I think I like it. And of course a layout. I have vowed that even though Max is a third child, he also will have a nice scrapbook. I have pre-made about 8 pages to ensure this. Lord knows when he comes, my creating time will be nixed for a while! Thanks for checking out my latest creations! We'll post new news and pictures when we have them. Please keep praying for our family and our birthmom.

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