Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring already?

It feels like spring here! I know the calendar disagrees and that many of you still shoveling snow will disagree but...I think Spring may have snuck up on us here. In our mild climate Spring and Fall weather only last a couple weeks.

This morning we had an early morning rain and then Max and I went for a walk around the lake. You could really smell the Eucalyptus trees and we even saw some baby duckies. Too bad Max was sleeping and missed them. No matter, the dog barked and chased them away anyway.The sure sign of Spring in our yard is our peach tree....Yep, its blooming. Time to plan the garden and stir up the soil. I'm excited to grow food for Max's baby food.
Another sign of Spring is the outdoor sports have begun. Max loves to jump in his jumperoo on the back patio. Last week, he jumped himself to sleep.Maddie is playing softball this year, and so far, enjoys it. I have some great pictures but they are trapped in my scraproom on my external hard drive. (See the redecorating mess below.)

Sam has been riding his bike ALOT (like father, like son!) and has been working on stream crossings. Oddly, he loves getting all muddy and wet. I just think boys are wired to find a muddy puddle and love it.Good or bad, he can only do this here in the Spring. After the rains stop, we'll be back to being a desert landscape.

For me, spring means it is time for spring cleaning. Brentt is a little annoyed at how far I've gone because I'm not only cleaning out closets, I want to redecorate rooms too. Taking down wallpaper, retexturing walls, painting, sewing curtains, etc... It is a lot of work but my scraproom/office is going to be fabulous, someday. Here is what it looks like now:
ugh...Like I said, someday. Hopefully some wonderful Spring day. (My creativity cannot be contained until summer!)

Lent has begun so.... yes, my conclusion is that Spring has arrived. I hope your Spring arrives soon too!

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