Monday, April 19, 2010

These are the days...

What a great weekend! These are the kind of days I get the "post-weekend blues." Normally, I don't mind getting back into the routine of the week but not this week. Today, I'll try to engrave the good times into my mind. I sure am happy I carry a camera everywhere! :)
On Saturday we got to see Jordan (Max's birthmom) and Grandma Sue (Max's birth-Grandma). What a treat since Sue lives 10 hours away!I just adore this picture below. Max has started giving kisses. I'm not sure Jordan knew how much slobber accompanied these kisses. Nonetheless, I know she cherished it!When I look at pictures like that, I wonder how people can ever question if open adoption is the right thing. I know it is not right for everyone but it works so well for us and all 3 of our kids. There are never too many people to love your kids! I won't get on my soapbox right now but if you want to talk or have questions, email me offline. We are so open to sharing our story.

Anyway, back to our weekend... So the kids have been earning "gems" for good behavior since January and they finally earned all of them. We were taking them down to the Science Center but when we got to Balboa Park, we discovered we would need to share the park with 70,000 other people who were celebrating Earth Day. Lack of parking and an assurance that I would lose Sam in the crowd, we quickly made other plans. Instead, we went down to the Embarcadero at SeaPort Village and had a great picnic. Maddie and Sam had a blast running in the shadow of this giant kite.We checked out the boats going by and even saw a Sea Lion.
Also, the kids & I rode the carousel, we listened to some live music, and of course, ate ice cream! Madeleine even took a few good pictures, like the one below. Funny thing is, we have this picture of Brentt & I in the same place 14 years ago. We sure look different! Sorry it is not digitized otherwise I'd share. Saturday night we also had some friends over for a BBQ. Good times. Although I am pretty sure that Max is scarred for life after Brentt and Phil sang their own karaoke version of an Abba song. So, there is a report from our great weekend. These are the good times I am trying to cherish and am so happy to share with you.
Make it a great day! Cheers!

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