Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to School Crafts

So, I know we've been back in school for a month but it took me that long to make and now post, some new crafts. Actually, these items came out of necessity. Madeleine needed a sturdy snack bag for 1st grade. Something separate than her lunch box. If you know me, you know how I LOVE to re-purpose stuff. (And I just couldn't go buy a snack bag... boring!)

She had these adorable embroidered jeans in Kindergarten and I just couldn't part with them.
But I could cut them up! Yeah, I know that doesn't make much sense until.... you see what they became.
Ta-dah! The stitching and buttons were already on the jeans. All I did was cut them off at the knee and then stitch them closed at the bottom. I added some ribbon on the bottom with Fabri-tac too. Then I added a ribbon handle, a seam at the top, and a Velcro closure. I actually made 2 bags. The other one holds basic supplies she needs to do her homework and sets at her homework station (the fancy name for the kitchen table). :)

The other re-purposing craft was these hair clips. Fancy flower hair clips are a little spendy. Since I have already splurged on more scrapbook supplies than I could ever use in my life, I repurposed some to make these clips for her. It seems like a lot but trust me, they will all be lost by the end of the school year. The only trick is finding the right adhesive; Gorilla Glue works best. My favorites:Madeleine's favorite:Thanks for checking in on us!
Have a great day!

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