Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everyday Moments

Sometimes, I feel like it is the simple, everyday moments are the ones that I want to engrave in my memory. Nothing too significant. Just evidence of a good life. A life that I love to share with those we love who live too far away. Here are some moments from the last couple weeks.

Madeleine learning to feed Max. I hesitated letting her feed him, knowing how messy they would be, but they both had so much fun.A trip to the Del Mar Racetrack is always a fun summer activity. Brentt and I had already been to the track but we took the kids on the second trip. They loved seeing the horses.(Pssstt...I finally snuck into a picture! Yay! )and eating ice cream!
Max's first haircut.Discovering the reality that boys are just born with the ability to vroom cars.
Check out this video of Max. He says his first word: "Yeah!"A splash in the backyard pool.How about a daily concert? Or a muscle show? We have entertainment everyday too! Click here to view a recent concert. (We won't be offended if you don't stay for the whole song. They can't see you walk out. :) )And of course, who could miss an opportunity to lick the clean windows?Life is short when the days are long!

Thanks for checking in!