Monday, December 13, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

Last Sunday we got to go to breakfast with Santa. See, Max's birth-great-grandparents are good friends with Santa. Every year they invite him over for breakfast and, lucky us, we get to hang out with Papa Jake, Grandma Jeannie and Santa too!
Santa reads them a story, gives them presents and then eats breakfast with them. Such an honor at such a busy time of year!
New favorite picture below! I imagine Max thinking... "So... what? You give me presents and drive a sleigh with reindeer? This world has a lot for me to learn yet!" Santa looked a little different without his coat and big boots. (Nonetheless, completely authentic!) This is his outfit he wears when it is 85 degrees out. This is clearly, a new favorite Christmas tradition for us! Thanks Papa Jake and Grandma Jeannie! Thanks Santa too!


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