Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow much fun!

When we go to Big Bear, CA for Thanksgiving it is uncertain whether we will get snow or not. The ski resorts are making snow and often it is cold enough for it to snow, but when we are only there for 5 days, snow is uncertain. Not this year though! There was snow when we got there and 2 more inches before we left.Max decided right away that he liked the snow. Well, maybe riding in the sled. The many layers and cold stuff.... not so much. These So Cal kids did pretty well in the cold.
Don't get me wrong... you can't keep them all happy at the same time. (Look at Sam below. Then look at how giddy-guilty Maddie looks beside him. Hmmm... )
And after the kids went to bed... They also had their "wild times." Here they are jumping out of the hot tub to make snow angels.
And we all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers! I can hardly believe we are over a week into December. Enjoy your holiday season!

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cydders said...

sounds and looks amazing! Maybe we will get invited next year....when were HOME!!!
love and miss you. Your card is beautiful! MERRY CHRISTMAS!