Monday, April 21, 2008

Be creative everyday

My goal everyday is to be creative. I have so many creative outlets that I usually have no problems finding something to do but finding the time... that's usually a problem.

Wednesday I'm providing dinner for our church's youth group so today I made 5 pans of lasagne. That really didn't take much culinary creativity so I hope that's not the only CT (creative time) I get today.

Last night I made up a load of wine charms.

These are so easy and fun! They make great hostess gifts but I'm also thinking of opening a shop on Etsy to channel some of my energy. I feel a passion to make stuff, I should probably reap a return on it somehow. But, until then, my friends and family are just going to get homemade gifts. (And I've made some terrific ones lately!)

I'm making some frames right now and getting some projects ready for Nat'l Scrapbook Day. I'm going to the all-day crop on May 3rd at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store. Should be fun! Especially, if Cydne will be there.

Time to get back to laundry and the rest of life....

1 comment:

cydders said...

love them!! is that just earings with fancy charms and beads? so cute!

can't wait for our fabric to arrive!