Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New frames

In the spirit of cleaning out my closets, I made these frames. I've been stashing old and new frames for a while now. I had 6! I was inspired by an online class that I took from Janna Wilson. (She rocks! She is so crafty and creative. I learned a lot from her and it got me out of a little rut I was in. ) And when I get excited about something I tend to take it to extremes. Instead of making one, I'm making 6. Here are the first 4:

This was the first one. The frame was originally green but I painted it black and sanded the edges. The background is a fabulous flannel fabric I found at JoAnn's. I found the lace trim there too. The place for the 5" by 7" picture is mounted on chipboard and then adhered using foam tape. Look closely... yep, you can sew through chipboard. Fun, eh?

This one is my favorite! It's just like the previous one but this frame is really big. It was made to fit a 14" by 20" picture and like this, it will fit a 5" by 7". Flannel and flowers and felt... oh my!

These two will hold a 4" by 6". The background on these is fabric too. I love that black felt trim by Queen & Co.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to share how I made them. They're easier than you'd think! I'll post the other two frames soon. They're both in gold antiqued frames and very romantic looking.

Make it a great day!


cydders said...

UUHH!! HELLO! i love them! the 2nd is my fave too! love the felt flowers! you are the creative BOMB!
love you!
c-ya tommorrow????

Shalamar said...

So when are you teaching this class! LOL!! Um, I'm serious...I'm coming over.. Teach me, teach me!! Love them all!!!