Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Biten by the creative bug

The creative bug has biten and I couldn't wait to show you what I've made now. Everything I made was made so quickly. I love when projects give me that instant gratification!

Here are the 2 additional frames I made. They seem so romantic to me. They each fit a 5" by 7" photo. The frames are "antique" and I found them at a garage sale. I'd been saving them for the perfect project and this is it. This first one is my favorite:

More wine charms. These are made with Disney bottle caps.

I had this great shaped box left over from Christmas. You guessed it.... more junk from my closet. So, today I covered it with paper and it fits most of my awkward sized acrylic stamps. It'll be great for bringing to crops.

Here's a sampling of the 22 new hair clips I made. I surprise myself sometimes with all that I can make out of my scrap crap.

Oh, and I couldn't forget to show you this explosion box. Its a kit from K & Company. I bought it at Yellowbird Scrapbook Store and still today they had about 6 left. It looks like a gift box and then you open it and there are a few layers that "explode" out to show you pictures or greetings or whatever else you want to add to it. This one doesn't have pictures yet. It'll be a great birthday gift for someone!

I hope this creative bug I've gotten is contagious. Now stop reading my blog and go make something! ;)

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cydders said...

love them all! sam is a doll!
c you in the AM!