Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh so much inspiration!

For some reason, I've been attracted to a vintage/shabby chic style lately. So, I bought this book called Vintage Paper Crafts by Anna Corba and I'm in LOVE! This book is so inspiring. So many projects are so simple, yet elegant. Now I'm on the hunt for vintage sheet music and all things French (no surprise on that one!). Inspired by this book, I made this little candle in about 5 minutes with a few things I had on hand. Cute, eh?

Fall is my favorite season and I find inspiration everywhere. Outside hiking, warm apple crisp, cozy sweaters, and of course, making Halloween plans. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so when I found this fabric print of the Wicked Witch of the West on etsy from Vintage Bella, I knew exactly what I would use it for...a scrapbook layout, of course! Last year, our family did the Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween and Madeleine was Dorothy.
Take a look....I am madly in love with this layout!
And here's a halloween card made from the scraps of the layout.

Back to the vintage stuff... I just wanted to share another canvas collage I've made. This one is of my Mom's family. My Momma is the cute girl sitting on my Grandpa's lap. I love making these collages and am considering making custom ones and selling them in an etsy shop. I wonder if they'd sell, and if so, for how much? Hmmm....
On a more personal note, last week Maddie started Karate. She loves it and has been practicing her kicks on the ottoman. And she never forgets the loud "hi-yaa" as she does it. This could be an interesting experience for my living room furniture.

Also, Sam started a "Tiny Sports" class where he'll learn T-ball, soccer, and basketball. But, perhaps "learn" is too big of a word here. Really, its a bunch of 2 & 3 year olds running around randomly and occasionally following instructions. Its like herding cats. I'm exhausted by the end of class. Its all about us being fit together I guess....

Anyways, I hope you're finding lots of inspiration in your everyday moments too. Thanks for checking in!


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