Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall in San Diego

I love Fall! But living in San Diego we really have to seek out the signs of fall that the northern parts of the US have naturally. We joke and say San Diego only has 2 seasons: Green and Brown. We're deep into the dangerously dry brown season, also known as fire season. Fortunately, this year has been quieter than most recent years.One unique sign of fall we have here is the Monarch Migration. Last week we were down in Balboa park and stopped in the butterfly garden (a little local secret!). There had to have been 50 butterflies in there, not all monarchs either. It was so beautiful I have to share!Yep, we have flowers blooming all year long.
Now, all that said, it is still no replacement for the fall I grew up with on the farm in Minnesota. We were back there last fall for harvest and when I look at these pictures, I swear I can smell the cold, dusty air.
Happy Fall y'all!

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