Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a fun little project

Tussies seem to be quite a trend these days. I always called them a "cone-thingy" and my daughter thinks they're "upside-down elf hats" but their real name is Tussie Mussie. Such a fancy name for something so simple. Tussie Mussie's were quite a fad in the Victorian times and in case you haven't figured it out, I'm loving that aged-victorian-vintage look lately. But mine aren't Victorian looking at all. I think Tussies are cute but I had never made one... until now. These aren't the latest and greatest, have-to-try, cool design. They're simple, quick, and cheap. Perfect for the holidays! I made them using just one 12" by 12" piece of paper, some trim, some tinsel, and a cute embellishment.

1. Trim your paper into a 9" square. Using a scallop scissors, trim corner-to-corner to create an arch, leaving one corner a 90 degree angle.
2. Roll into a cone shape and adhere in place. I recommend pulling out your handy hot glue gun. (Or another heavy-duty glue like a hot glue gun, ATG, glue lines, etc... will work)
3. Since you have that hot glue gun out, glue your trim around the top edge and a little pom-pom to the bottom tip. Glue your embellishment on the front.
4. Add eyelets to either side of your tussie and add tinsel or ribbon.
5. Here's the most important part: ADD CHOCOLATE! Potpouri or a nice gift would be ok too. But chocolate is my drug of choice. ;)

Thanks for checking in. I hope you enjoyed today's project. Come back soon because I'm planning a fun "12 days of Christmas" on my blog with crafts, gifts, recipes, and fun! Oh-How I love the holidays!


Craftzilla said...

Those are adorable! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing that.

Michelle M White said...

LOVE these!!! Today was fun!