Monday, November 10, 2008

It's not Christmas yet....

Only 44 more days until Christmas! Wahoo!!!! Ok, I get really giddy about Christmas--prepare yourselves! But it is only November 11th. (Bummer. Sigh....) So, in an effort to stay grounded and live in the moment, I'm going to show you 2 projects that are not Christmas related.

Some of you know that I'm head-over-heels in love with the Pink Paislee products so this sign will be no surprise. Maddie had to have a matching room sign like Sammy's and this one is pink, dreamy and fabulous! My opinion, anyway...Sorry, the lighting is crappy. That's what I get for taking pictures at nearly midnight when I SHOULD BE SLEEPING! The time change has really messed me up. Anyway... this sign is made from Pink Paislee's Topsiders in their Pop Fashion line, a felt crown accent by Autumn Leaves, and velvet flowers by Maya Road. The alpha stickers are also Pink Paislee. A little ribbon, tinsel and .... voila: another piece of pink dreaminess! ;)

This second item is my new pride and joy! I call it "Our Thankfulness Box." Design-wise, its not earth shattering but I love the tradition that it will bring to our family. It is a wooden box (bought at Michaels) meant to be a centerpiece at our table. Inside the lid is a log where we will spend Thanksgiving and who we are with. Then each person at the Thanksgiving table writes on a leaf (inside the box) what they are Thankful for, what year it is, and how old they are. I hope that several years down the line my kids will dig through the past years' leaves and giggle about what they were thankful for in 2008. It's sort of like a Thanksgiving scrapbook in a box. I also plan to add photos in there to "float" around with all the leaves. I love the idea of a Thankfulness Box. Its a good lesson for the kids, a fun way to remember how we've spent the Thanksgiving holiday and a great way to count our blessings. I feel so blessed that I'm not sure this box will be big enough. I hope that you have a lot to be thankful for this year too!



Katie Watson said...

Thank you for the SWEETEST comment on the Paper Tales blog...that was really nice and made my day! Your Pink Paislee signs are so cute!! I love Pink Paislee also, hehe!

Michelle M White said...

That sign is TOO cute! Great job!!!