Monday, January 12, 2009

Something New....

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I've been busy creating. So much to make and not enough time! Unfortunately, I haven't been scrapbooking all my great Christmas pictures.... yet. That'll be for next week. But in the meantime, I've just skipped over to Valentine's Day. Check out this sweet box. Fill it with chocolate or jewelry and its the perfect gift. For someone.... but not me. Its now for sale in my etsy shop:
I love how this box has everything from pearls and lace, to a resin frame (from Melissa Frances), and a spun glass halo (from Check out my etsy shop for more details.
My other new love: My sassy girls. Ok, sometimes these girls are a little vulgar but they're also charming and irresitable. I have over 50 different girls so I'll be posting new projects in the etsy shop over the year. These 2 are up there now.
I made this one for my sister. She's one of those people who can say a snide remark, be serious, and have a smile on her face as she insults you. And yep, she can be a crabby bitch if you don't know her well but once you get to know her.... it's true... it's just part of her charm. Happy Birthday, big Sis! I wouldn't change a thing about your crabbiness. ;)
Another bit of new news... the best news yet.... I'm going to CHA in a couple weeks! Yeah! The LSS, Yellowbird Scrapbooking, that I teach at invited me to go along and help them evaluate products. Speaking of...I have a cool acrylic class series starting soon. I'll give you more info after their class launch. Thanks for checking in!

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