Monday, January 26, 2009

Yes, I am a Scrapbook Junkie!

WARNING: If you're not a Scrapbook Junkie like me or if you're not even interested in scrapbooking and crafts, you may not want to waste your time reading this post. This is a bad one. Its full of new products, great projects, and (gasp!) scrapbook celebrity photos!

I am, officially, no longer a CHA virgin. You know, the Craft & Hobby Association? After only 5 hours of sleep, I made the 90 minute drive to Anaheim, CA to go to the CHA show with Yellowbird Scrapbooking. I was only able to go one day but it was so amazing to see all the new 2009 scrapbook and craft products all in one place. I paired up with my buddy Mari and we had so much fun. I was dizzy with excitement and inspiration. There was so much coming at me that I wanted to remember it all so... I took 583 pictures yesterday. Yep, all that in just one day. CRAZY! So, how am I going to choose which ones to post? I don't know but we'll start with some favorites.Here I am WAITING to go in. It was pure torture to not open those doors before 9am!

So we go in and start oggling and we're wandering from booth to booth asking about the new products, show specials, ship dates and all the business, have-to-do stuff and then we get to the Jenni Bowlin booth and guess who helped us out.... JENNI BOWLIN herself! Here's a picture of she and I (a super BAD angle for me!) She was so sweet and genuine. No fake, "Buy my crap and I'll be nice to you." BS. Just a real nice girl with a charming southern accent. Here she is showing us around and showing us her new products. Great stuff!
Aren't these new pearl flowers to die for?!? They look like candy!
So then, we had to leave sweet Jenni (wouldn't want her to think I was some weird stalker or anything!). We wandered over to Basic Grey and arrived to hear that Coco just ordered some of the new Lime Rickey line for Yellowbird. Yeah! Who knows when it'll actually ship but it'll be great for summer layouts. But I have to say that the best part of Basic Grey was not the paper lines. It was this.... yep! Basic Grey is now making fabric from some of their past paper lines. Dreamy stuff! Unfortunately, they were really tight with their samples and didn't have many projects out so we didn't buy any. Maybe next time...Wandering through the hall I saw this super cool display:I loved so many of the houses but didn't have time to take pictures of them all. Or even stop by her booth (Mari cracked that whip and kept me moving! ;) ) I love Claudine Hellmuth's work and now she has a new product line here which is what was used to make these houses. Then, we went over to Prima and met the wonderful, and oh-so-talented, Jen Starr. She showed us how to use Ranger's alcohol inks on all sorts of Prima products. I just loved using them on the acrylic and the transparencies.And here's some more eye-candy from Prima.Anyways, I was exhausted by the time I got home at 10:00 last night. I have so much more to share but the kids are up so I've got to step out of my scrappy world and back into the real one. Thanks for checking in!


erika said...

I was at the show today, I saw someone who looked just like you and I say christy, christy, and wave and she looks at me (really annoyed) and says I am NOT christy.

i had to laugh. glad you had a good time at the show.

erika (cyds friend)

Shalamar said...

Yippee! I couldn't wait to hear how much fun you had. I'm going to have to call you on my drive home so i can hear all the details

cydders said...

oh i am sooooo jealous!!!!

i'm glad you had a great time! i wish i could of been there with you. How are you?