Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Christmas craft

Rewind...back to Christmas.
I did have a little time to do some Christmas crafting but not until Christmas Eve Day. We had a few friends over for dinner on Christmas (Yep, we eat outside for Christmas Dinner) and I left these at the ladies' places at the table. So simple to make. I used my trusty hot glue gun for all of it. Here's how to do it:
  1. Take a bulb and create a "nest" on top using 6" of white maribou and 4" tinsel garland.
  2. Glue on a pipe cleaner for a handle.
  3. Add some glitter to a white bird (found in the wedding section at Michael's).
  4. Glue the bird on her nest.
  5. Add 3 silver balls as her eggs.
  6. Glue a chandelier crystal (also found in the wedding section) and some tinsel on the bottom.
Voila! You could probably make her a little more ornate but during the holidays, I simply didn't have time. This would make a nice party favor for New Year's too.


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