Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Joy and happiness!

Brace yourself for a photo-heavy post! December has been such a happy, happening month so far that we just must share. Every December is full of parties for us but none is as important as the Adoption Center's Christmas party. This year, we got to be at the party with Jordan and Max. It just seemed so complete knowing that we have completed our family with our third baby. It also seemed so complete with Jordan with us--she just fits right in and Maddie and Sam ADORE her!Can you believe she had a baby 7 weeks ago? She looks awesome!Check out Max's face in this photo below! He looks like something is really funny!
Did you see that? We're getting real smiles from Max. And he is quite generous with them but they are quick and sometime I am so close that I don't get a great photo but anything will do for now. My chubby baby....16 pounds and counting!With Sam dressed in his fire fighter outfit half the time, Max cannot resist smiling at him!Here are my three babies snuggled up watching a Christmas movie.
It will be a great Christmas! Thanks for visiting!

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