Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Tradition

A funny thing about growing older is that when you reflect on the past years, you realize you have created traditions without intending to. Our Thanksgiving tradition is to spend it with just our friends. Honestly, I can't remember the last time we saw family on Thanksgiving. Some people think that is sad but it is just the harsh reality of living so far away. But we have always made the most of it and I LOVE our Thanksgiving traditions. We have so many great friends who also don't have family here so, after so many years together, we are now family. Some friends moved away this year and it will feel weird without them around the table. I feel so thankful for so many great people in our lives, even though many are missed at holidays.This Thanksgiving we are spending with our friends in the mountains again. It is always nice to visit the snow and cold and then get back to the coast to thaw out. Our weekend will consist of cooking together, hiking, biking, and drinking in the hot tub. We will Skype and call our families far away because we do miss and love them all. But we will also celebrate our new traditions and have fun with our friends.

So, one of the many blessings I am counting this year is traditions. New and old. May you have a great time celebrating Thanksgiving and cherishing your old traditions, or making a new one.

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