Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Life does move on...

With any tragedy, you realize (curious as it may seem) that life moves on. Time continues. The sun rises again. The flowers still bloom. Gas still costs a fortune. And at the same time, the world looks different after something in your life has changed. We are still grieving Kona's loss and there is an emptiness in our hearts that no other dog will ever replace. However... we are still dog people. We couldn't imagine our family without a dog so....

here's LUNA.

Our new puppy! We dove right back into puppyland and decided one way to move on was to find a new member of our family. She very clearly, is not Kona but she is healing us in an unexpected way and is a terrific distraction. We found this sweet Border Collie Mix (same breed as Kona) at the Helen Woodward Animal Center and knew right away that she was for us.
The uncanny physical resemblance to Kona is amazing. But look: NO TAIL! And their personalities are different, as expected, and appreciated.

Luna is 3 months old and full of energy! She hasn't had an accident in the house yet and is a quick learner. Everyone is already in love with her...especially Brentt!The only one who doesn't appreciate Luna yet, would be our cat Lizard:
I'll be scrapping about Luna soon, I'm sure! But right now, I'm making a memory book about Kona (my favorite form of therapy). I'll post more scrappy stuff soon.

Thanks for all the comments and emails about our loss! I really appreciate all the kind words and support. Things are getting better and the pain is starting to drift into simple great memories.

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