Friday, July 25, 2008

Mean people suck!

Yesterday I had my mini-van broken into and my purse stolen. I was at church dropping Sam off at pre-school and I left my purse in my van for 4, maybe 5 minutes. The van was locked and it was a busy parking lot so... no harm, right? Wrong! It turns out there was a guy in the parking lot pretending to put flyers on windshields. He was actually casing the cars by putting trash on the windshield. When he got to my car, he saw my bright orange purse and smashed the window, grabbed it and ran. Glass was everywhere!

Unfortunately, Brentt was on a business trip so he couldn't help much and Madeleine was sick (we were on our way to get more Motrin to bring down her 104 degree fever). With no phone, no money, a sick kid, and a broken car, I had to think fast. This is where your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances step up and are your angels! Another mom from the preschool let me borrow her phone and I called Brentt and he started canceling cards. I was so happy that those cards were canceled faster than that thief could get to 7/11! There wasn't too much cash in my wallet but there was a diaper, some Tinkerbell Underwear, and an old, half-eaten lollipop. I do really miss my watch, phone, and my pink bluetooth. The biggest pain is replacing all the stuff and redirecting all the auto-billed stuff.

My friend Shelly was an ANGEL and took the kids for the day while I ran to the bank, the DMV, Verizon, the repair shop, and got a rental car. It was such a pain but I learned a lot that I want to share. I hope this never happens to any of you but to be prepared for a purse or wallet theft this is helpful:

  1. Always keep an extra, valid credit card at home in your safe.
  2. Keep some cash in the safe too.
  3. Know where your other photo ID is. I had a passport and would have been lost without it.
  4. Have your bank account and credit card number memorized. This saved me so much hassle!
Let's just say I've had better days. But I learned quite a few lessons: Mean people suck! But I feel that guy must have needed money more than I do if he's going to such desperate measures to get it. My life will stay on track, just a few more things to do today.

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Shalamar said...

GOSH, I'm sorry!! This sucks!!! What a great friend you have there!! Like we mommies need anymore stress in our days especially with sick kids!