Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pictures from Estes Park, CO

What do you get when 29 people get together for a family vacation/reunion in Estes Park, Colorado?

  • a herd of elk
  • "siblings gone wild"
  • one little fish and some other fish tales about the one who got away
  • a trip to the ER (John's knee)
  • a trip to the chiropractor (Darin)
  • people from 8 different states!
  • A bicycle made for 4
  • 2 drunks in a covered wagon
  • Ok...ok...there were 3 drunks there...
  • a wilderness adventure trip that made some of us wonder if we'd ever return
    (no, it wasn't because Sam was driving!)
  • 6 sore butts after horseback riding
  • the continental divide
  • a rainbow
  • the feeling that you're a little closer to heaven when you're above the clouds at 12,000 ft
  • An amazing thanksgiving meal (yep--in August!)
  • cozy, precious moments between aunts & nieces, cousins, grandparents & grandchildren, great-aunts and great-uncles & great-nieces and great-nephews, etc...

  • watching new friendships blossom between cousins
  • And over 300 pictures of one great week together. They're great pictures--I'll post more soon!
Thanks to everyone who made the trip so great! We really missed Val, Eric, Jake, and Bob who couldn't make it.

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