Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Counting my blessings

I believe an important part of being happy is counting your blessings everyday. 5 years ago, we met someone who gave us an amazing blessing: our son Sam.

Last weekend, Sam's birthmom, Tiffany was in town and we got to have dinner and hang out for a while. I wish we'd had more time together but distance makes it hard to see each other more often. She is an amazingly courageous person that I pray that Sam will know his whole life.I hope Sam is finally at an age that he is remembering how much she loves spending time with him. It's written all over their faces, isn't it? Another amazing person I've been thinking of a lot lately is Max's birthmom, Jordan. Distance makes it hard for us to get together but there's never a doubt that she loves this little man. I just did a layout with a picture of them from April.
Max has her smile. When he greets me in the morning, I think of Jordan and thank God for her and this wonderful gift she gave us. And who couldn't love a face like this???I'm so happy to share my blessings with those who read my blog. Please, make sure you count your blessings too. There are so many!


Karen R said...

OMG that is SOOOO Sweet! My eyes are wet

sarah jensen said...

Ohhhhh....Christy, you have the heart of a loving mother. Your children will ALWAYS love you for loving their birth mothers.