Monday, August 23, 2010

Sequoia trip

Sometimes, people wonder why we live in Southern California. My answer: Why not? Ok, we certainly miss our family on the East Coast and in the Mid-West and every other corner of the USA but... we have a good life here. And honestly, California is an amazing state! I'm quite smitten with this lovely place and I'm not sure we could discover it all in a lifetime. But Brentt and I are going to try. (And our 3 lucky kids get to be drug along... whether they like it or not! :) ).

A couple of weeks ago we went camping in Sequoia, about 320 miles from home. If we were traveling in the mid-West, we'd have seen cornfields the whole trip. Not in California! The diversity is amazing!

We started here, inland San Diego:I took all the road pictures of the drive from the front seat, moving at least 60 mph. Forgot to take pictures of the ocean going up I-5 though.
Through LA . Yuck.Up over the Tejon Ranch and into the Grapevine.Did you know there are oil wells here? Thousands of them! get to Quaking Aspen campground to camp with our friends.Bug hunts are always a necessary part of a camp trip for Maddie and Sam.Dome rock was a nice place to explore. I was really happy we didn't lose any of the kids over the edge! It looks like we're climbing the moon.Max really loves riding in the backpack. Good thing too!
But my favorite place we saw up there was the Trail of 100 Giants. There are trees over 200 feet high and over 1500 years old!It is hard to get perspective on how big these trees are. This should help. See the red speck in the photo below? That is Max. Here are Brentt and Sam climbing on the roots of a felled tree.
We really had a great time here, with our friends, and making memories for all of us. I highly recommend it and hope to return next Summer.

Thanks for checking in!

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